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Are you sick of weeping manchild Fuji? Or perhaps you long for fics where Atobe is actually, you know, acting like Atobe and not a 14 year old girl? Do OOC AUverse fics make you cry? If so, you've come to the right spot.

This is a group dedicated to Prince of Tennis fans who are sick of seeing really bad fics posted. We are -not- ficbitches. If a fic is bad, we will explain why it's bad.

Reviews go a little something like this:
- Post the author of the fic, and a title, and link to both of them.
- Explain why the fic is bad. Actually justify it, though. "i htted this fic cuz tezufuji sux0rzz" or "kabaji awnts 2 give it 2 atobe not jirou" is not a good explanation.

Sound good? There are a few other rules, too.
1) We all have our own opinions. This is not the community to wank over which coupling is better than blah dee blah. We'll agree to disagree. XD
2) Let me reiterate the 'not ficbitches' part. Don't post a fic up here just because you hate the coupling or hate the author. Be justified in posting badfic.
3) No flame wars, please. We're not out to attack any authors, we're just here to discuss bad fanfiction because it's rather therapeutic. Don't e-mail the author to incite them into flaming you.
4) Be civil. Many of these authors are just starting out and honestly don't know better. The point of this is NOT to tear said authors to shreds.

This is a closed community. If you want to join, please poke someone to be added.